Home Apothecary
~ food-grade hydrogen peroxide
~ food-grade iodine
~ baking soda
~ lavender essential oil (anti-bacterial/deep sleep inducer)
~ lemon eucalyptus essential oil (anti-fungal/mosquito repellant)
~ aloe (external use as a band-aid/removes toxins if consumed internally also may cure ulcers)
~ house plants (spider plants actually produce plenty of oxygen)
~ HEPA filtered air purifier and/or vacuum filter (removes mold and toxins)
~ castor oil
~ witch hazel
~ garlic & onion (dietary health/sliced in half and placed in sock of the flu-stricken overnight)
~ chlorella tablets (removes radiation from the body/ B12)
~ honey
~ vitamin C (water-soluble: can never have too much/prevents heart-disease)



Hello, this is a general home apothecary resource blog… Self-explanatory and full of all the crazy shit I research regularly… Please read on with open minds and just understand you are dealing with the mind of an amateur! I love non-fiction! And this blog is the result… I hope you find my research helpful because I think this stuff is really fascinating… Thanks ~ Christina Marie